In the fall of the Ashes

Shining within the cold frost

No borrowed time in now

Magnificent in this present, wonder how

Deep beneath the Earths crust

It’s fake if you only see dust

Nature frees us, never binds

Shining of who you are, nothing to hide

~Ryan Emmerson



Your the first one

Of your kind

Original of the species

Made of love piece by piece

Your the first one

of my hearts knowing

As you see me

Why do you know me?

Your the first one

Do you know all of love

When the floodgates of my heart

Are undone

Your the first one

of your kind

Your the one to write a book on love

Through everyone’s Soul

To have piece of mind

- Ryan Emmerson



They say it isn’t True

That heavens open

like revolving doors

That appear unbroken

One does realise a gift

When one does see it

As one shifts and travels

To move all the Mountains

And they say it can not be made

For you will be betrayed

As one continues to fight

Like one soul igniting in flames

As one understands two halves of a heart

Must never ever again! be torn apart

As one does speak

The soul makes a promise

And the promise it will keep

-Ryan Emmerson



God forgive me

From all the Angels above

For I send one Angel

To another

To soar like a white dove

I know you will

Take this Angel into our arms

She’s most perfect of all of us

Forever as I give thanks to you dear Lord

As I look to the skies and see a star thats been reborn

- Ryan Emmerson



Now the coastline slumbered

She was standing there

Lowered herself in the ocean

Frightened but they are all here

The city of the sirens

She called them out from anywhere

Nurtured for Angels healing

Close and very much everywhere

- Ryan Emmerson



Grace blazed through the atmosphere

Atmosphere was a feeling clouded by the wind

Wind like a gale storm

Storming forward with motion of emotion

Emotion gifted by Queen of Hearts

Hearts mastered by the Arts

Arts springed like the sunrise

Sunrise beamed through heavens

Heavens ruled Kingdom come

“Come” says the Angels

Angels danced in unison

- Ryan Emmerson



Ryan Emmerson

I love poetry. I love to write poetry. I love to write creative stories. My subjects of interest are spirituality, psychology, human development etc